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With the personal training industry becoming a highly saturated market; why choose those with a lack of education and experience? Instead, join a trainer who has over fifteen years experience in the fitness industry, along with a wealth of knowledge, bundles of enthusiasm, a high level education, and to add, a track record of successful results to back it all up.



Ronan-testimonial-img“Would highly recommend Gavin!

Since I started 12 weeks ago I gone from strength to strength with my running coming from a 20min 5k to a 17min 5k and recently winning my first 10k all thanks to all the strength and condition programmes”
– Ronan Smith – Student – Sligo

jane-chambers “Started training with Gavin when I was pregnant and I never felt better. Gavin kept me strong, fit & healthy for the pregnancy and post birth I bounced right back- I put it down to the sessions with Gavin. It was great to be in safe hands with tailored work outs during such a sensitive time. Can’t wait to get back in the gym – highly recommended – DO IT – you won’t regret it,”
– Jane Chambers – Owner – Shells Café Strandhill

Deirdre-testimonial-img“When I started with Gavin, people told me “he’s genuine” “he cares” “he’s not doing it for his own reasons”, and now 5 months on that’s what I tell people. I wish I could rate higher than 5 stars because from day one he has supported me with improving my health, fitness and nutrition. There have been some ‘blips’ along the way, mainly concerning my mental health but he has been there through it all. He is more than a trainer/coach and he truly does care. If you want results, he is the one to help get you there.
I am lighter, healthier and fitter than I was when I started this journey with him but this is a lifelong journey. I have goals to work towards but it’s all a process. Gavin has taught me much more than just health and fitness. And for all of that I am very grateful to him

– Deirdre Ruane – Nurse – Sligo

olivia“Highly recommend Gavin! He is a great motivator and each work out is designed specifically to my needs.

Gavin always pushes you to get the best out of your workout. Each workout is explained fully and Gavin takes the time to correct posture and make sure all exercises are done properly to get the most out of them.

Gavin is a Professional and approachable guy who is fantastic at what he does!”
– Olivia – Pharmacy Manager – Sligo

jenny-sligo-testimonial-image“I first met Gavin over two years ago in an absolute struggle from a bad healthy living, eating and drinking lifestyle. I always struggled with weight growing up and never really had much interest in doing an sort of activity, other than sitting on my ass! When I joined Fitness with Meenan I was 19 years old and I was weighing in at 13st 10lbs and had a metabolic rate of a 49 year old person. I knew I had a lot of work to do to get where I am today. I had a goal in mind, my friend was getting married and my 21st was at the same time. Gavin pushed me in the gym day in, day out, he knew I had a lot of work to do and he knew I would work for it. Like us all, we wanted to give up and have our setbacks, but Gavin made me work for it, and in the end it pays off.

As a trainer Gavin takes a huge amount of time for his clients and always keeps their goals in my mind never letting them fail. When Gavin is not at the gym he is still at work, by doing up programs and nutrition plans perfected for each of his clients, to me this shows how dedicated he is to his work and clients.

I am so glad I am fortunate enough to be one of Gavin’s clients and can happily say I got where I wanted to be, and losing over 4 stone with Gavin I am so proud of myself and how far I have come, not only with my body image, but also my confidence in myself and the education I have gained on gym work and nutrition and the importance of balancing everything on a day to day basis. I recently did my first transformation photo-shoot and I can easily say, I never would have thought of doing something like that 2 years ago.

Joining Fitness with Meenan not only gave me a huge transformation, or a personal trainer it also gave me a friend and a better outlook on life in general.”

– Jenny – Hairdresser – Sligo

Mary-Testimonial-gavin-meenan-sligo“I highly recommend Fitness with Meenan. I started training with Gavin 2 years ago and within 3 months I was fitter than I had ever been. Gavin tailored my sessions to my own fitness goals. He motivated me and pushed me beyond what I thought my limits were.

After 3 months training I became pregnant and I continued to train with Gavin until 5 days before my son was born. Gavin was a life saver in pregnancy; I stayed strong and healthy and he helped alleviate a lot of the back pain that I suffered from.

I bounced back quickly and was back training with Gavin 6 weeks post birth – he was very patient and considerate with my post natal training as I struggled to get back to my original fitness. Gavin is a really approachable and professional, I can’t recommend him enough……sign up today.

Mary – Professor of Science – I.T Sligo

“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”




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