Book Reviews


You’re probably asking yourself the same question I did when I first came across this book – what the fuck is Psycho-Cybernetics? I bought this book as I was seeking an alternative approach to improve both myself and the people I work with.

The author is a plastic surgeon who noticed that some people, who had disfiguring facial scars, felt they couldn’t face the world. However, it didn’t change their point of view even after reconstructive surgery. Some even insisted that their faces had not changed. Maltz realized that the self-image we have of ourselves is more important than the physical reality.

The remaking of the self-image is the work of the book.

The author uses the analogy of WW-II torpedo guidance systems, that the mind as a servo-mechanical mechanism (now we would visualize laser-guided smart missiles) that locks onto a goal and uses mistakes and setbacks only to adjust the trajectory and hone-in more precisely on the target.

If we focus too much on our mistakes and errors we retarget our mind on the mistake rather than the desired goal.

This book has exercises and images that can be used for greater understanding and real growth.

I would recommend this book to anyone who is groping through the fog towards enlightenment.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

This book was a wholly different approach towards the subject of self-help, from your usual self-help books.

I had a great laugh throughout this book, as well as learning allot from it too. From the offset the humour and no nonsense approach in the book had me hooked.

I feel we all care all too much for things that we ought not to care about. I myself have been guilty of giving far too much of myself to the world. I was literally giving a fuck about everything and that was unsustainable.

This book has shown me that by not giving a fuck about a lot of things I can actually have a more positive life. Not giving a fuck sounds like such a negative thing to do, but there are definitely times when this is the best thing to do.

It’s not about not giving a fuck about anything! It is about giving a fuck more to the things that really deserve it and matter to you, and not giving a fuck to the things that don’t.

This book will ease the weight on your shoulders, and with that; you’ll be able to move on in your life with a real drive and clear purpose.


Now What

This the fourth book from Brad. This is a great read for anyone looking for the zero bullshit approach to achieving success in both life and business, from someone that has been there and done it.

If you’re currently struggling with your direction, be it business or life, then this is book will help you find the right route to take. Throughout this book you may start to look at your life in a very different way, and begin to appreciate the things you may have been taking for granted; giving you a whole new appreciation of things and people around it.

Brad is on a mission to help as many people as possible, by telling his own story in his own words and helping you work out with your next moves in life and business.

Reading this book will help you define the areas of your life worth focusing on, and forget about those that have been weighing you down and draining you of your precious time and energy. It will help you to stop chasing your tail and to focus on the real stuff in life that actually matters.


The Obstacle is the Way

This is a great introduction and a modern interpretation of Stoic Philosophy. Ryan does great job of connecting the philosophy with salient examples from history, making the book a great learning tool.

Stoicism is about squaring up with reality head on, free of delusion, be that our expectations of what should happen or the denial of situations we find ourselves in. This makes the stoic perspective immensely powerful because when we’ve fully embraced reality we can act from a position of power.

The Obstacle is the Way shows how the stoic way of life is a rich, and life affirming approach. The book is a powerful antidote to the illusions and delusions of the most popular self-help books and advice out there.

This book will help eliminate your wishful thinking, reading the will help start your journey down the path of reclaiming and/or enhancing your personal power.



This is an excellent book that I found thought provoking and inspirational.

The book was suggested by a colleague of mine, and I was interested enough to consider it. It’s a really good example of explaining thoughts by the use of great case studies and a simple analogy for the concept.

The book describes how we can be in charge of our change to drive the things that we really need to happen. The use of willpower (the rider), emotion (the elephant) and our environment (the path) can combine together to achieve great things.

It contains a great quote that “some is not a number and soon is not a time”.


Gavin Meenan